Jan 21
  I talked about some visual novels on this blog already. Though i am not a very active player of this particular kind of game, some of them were very powerful experience.
The kind of experience you encounter in your life once in years, a game, an anime, a movie or anything else that strike you emotionally.

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Jan 15
I will continue talking about Rei for this posts by presenting some outfits i bought for her.
I don’t really remember the chronology and where i bought them really.
It’s been a while already and i use to visit a lot of differents websites to have as much choice as possible.
Also those are old photos and i didn’t think at that time they would appear on my blog so the background could look messy :)
Many photos can’t be on my blog mainly because of what’s appearing on the background.
All outfits will have a new set of photos eventually in the end :-) Anyway tell me what you think about her!

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Jan 07
Since i want my blog to talk about BJD now, i will introduce the first one i purchased.
I named her Kumiko Rei after Sailor Mars of course :)

This photo is the first one i made of her directly after i opened the box and unwrapped her. The makeup is awesome. The glossy effect on her lips is real and do not come only because of the camera flash.

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Dec 30

Well first of all, happy christmas everyone ^^

I will try to make this blog alive again but with a change in the subjects i will use. I may post about sailor moon, video games, animes and visual novels in the future, it will depend on my mood really.

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Jul 04

For the first time i finally intended Japan Expo ! For those who don’t know about this, it’s a big event located in Paris centered around Japan (obviously) and particularly Mangas, Japanimation and culture.
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Jun 02

Hello there everybody. Isashiburiiiii ^^

Been a while since i wrote something in here. I’m busy with a few stuffs but mainly it’s about taking care of myself and changing a lot about how i look and how i perceive myself.
I went through surgery about 6 weeks ago. It was a small one be reassured and it was not because my life was in danger :) I feel way better than before this surgery so basically i don’t regret doing it. But it’s far from over as i want to do a lot lot more. (nothing involving hospital and nurses … for now lol)

Massive changes ahead folks !
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Apr 14

Hello everyone ^^

Clearly it’s been a while since my last rant, almost 3 weeks actually. Gomen :)
I’m not dead or lost in a desert somewhere without an internet connection (even if mine is not working perfectly since last friday) so be sure to know that your lovely Katsura-chan is still alive.

I have a lot a projects and i think about a lot of stuffs right now mainly some parts of my live i want to change. It requires a lot of thoughts as you can imagine.
I also focus on playing some games and also watching animes and shows i really wanted to watch for a long time. All those take times.

Few figures were added to my collection and i really have to think about a better way of organize their displays. It’s not optimal, i need to pay a visit to Ikea real soon or some figures will have to be displayed in my kitchen :/

Btw, i deeply apologize for not leaving comments to your blogs :( It desperate me a lot because i feel bad about being so careless with my readers … i love you all :) Well it’s not because i don’t leave comments i don’t read a few ;-)
I’m thinking to be back with a post this week end so be aware ^^

See you very soon (i hope !)

Kiss ^^

Mar 26

I’ve watched so many animes now i can emerge a pattern of my habits especially concerning the number of episodes in a show.
It’s a deterministic component to me when i choose to or don’t watch a anime.

Several length are often found who goes from … 1 (yeah) and hundreds. Obviously the number of episodes has nothing to do with the global quality of an anime but it will change how you’re going to watch it, in my case anyway of course :)

The average animes length i use to watch changed between periods of my life and i’ll describe them here.
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Mar 20
Hello there i’m here again after a week where i’ve been a bit sick.
Nothing serious but it gave me a lot of troubles specially to sleep, when you can’t stop cough and sneeze it’s difficult to achieve a good night sleep.

I don’t know who shared his virus with me but i’m not thankful lol
I did my best not being overwhelmed by new posts and comments to answer, you’re all productive as always :)

Well now that a feel better i wanted to do a small post presenting all my pre-orders currently in the basket patiently waiting their release dates.
Some of them are heavily expected !!!
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Mar 13
Let’s continue to talk about games but in a different way. I’ve had this in my mind for a while now and i thought of doing a post with it in the middle of the past night.

My statement is simple : There is way too many mmorpg’s on the market right now.
And i want to say to the studio who’re keeping creating those at a impressive rate, stop for a while and create some awesome single player game.

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Mar 02
I don’t remember how old i was when i grabbed my first pad but it was a NES pad for sure.
I talk here of a real and widely available game platform i owned myself not some game i had the opportunity to play at a friend’s place.
Surprisingly enough the first game i played on it wasn’t Mario Bros but Cobra Triangle.
You are some of armed high speed boat and you have to find a way to avoid being destroyed by traps and giant see monsters.

I still don’t understand why this game actually since i always thought Mario was included with the platform itself or it was actually included and my parents bought another game along with it.
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Feb 25

Random picture ^^

Since blogging is a complete new world to me there’s several things happening to me i would never be aware of before.
I was collecting figure, watching animes and reading mangas for a long time before my blog started.

But the websites i visited according to those hobbies were very limited in numbers and i wouldn’t never post anything on them or almost anything.
I didn’t felt the need to talk to other people visiting those website mainly because there was impersonal and didn’t belong to one person.
The blogosphere was completely unknown to me.

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Feb 21
A very important post here since it will depict my first try of a cosplay costume. It’s an idea i had many months ago.
Since i just can’t create a costume myself i decided to look after a way to buy one online.
I guess some people will want to set me on fire for this lol.
I know the act of creation is important for many cosplayers (not only in the animes world) but it would be cruel to reject people who want to dress up like their favorite character and don’t have the skill to do so by themselves.

In fact i’m not interested in the act of fabrication exactly the same way i’m not interested in painting figures by myself.
And i’m not interested to compete at convention either but for contest i completely understand it requires the contestant has made his costume from scratch.
I admire people who can build things :)
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Feb 18


By Katsura-chan Figure 44 Comments »
I have hard times this week because of a very annoying pain in my right shoulder.
This cause me problems typing on a keyboard. I need to give my shoulder some rest.
I want to apologize for being late at answering your comments and leaving some to your own blogs.

Well let’s shorter my complains to tell you about a good news, i received my two Nendoroids and my Clalaclan Maid Version ! Woot !
I’m so happy and completely charmed :D Ha ha i’m screwed i want to buy them all now :D

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Feb 14
Sailor Mars Sailor Mars is a member of what we can call “the strong core” of Sailor Senshi.
The reason i decided to talk about to Mars is that she’s probably my favorite character after Neo Queen Serenity.
In this post i’ll explain who she is and what do i feel about her.

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Feb 05
I believe many of my readers want to know a bit more about me.
As you may have noticed i like to keep a lot of mystery around me.
It’s not because of some shyness (even if i’m pathologically shy in real life) but only for playful reasons.

Yes i think it’s fun to imagine what my readers might dream or imagine what i look like or what kind of person i am.

I guess it’s because i always had trouble socializing at school with my classmates that i finished to be a person who don’t go out very often, who’s afraid of crowded places and that it takes a very long time to build a relationship with me as i don’t trust easily.
Indeed i have no more than 2 real friends and around 10 peoples i know and meet occasionally. (even rarely for some of them)

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Feb 03
All is not bright and clean in the Visual Novels world. Sometimes you found yourself crying while playing and sometimes you don’t even read dialogues anymore as your mind is filled with boredom.
The novel i’ll talk today is a member of the second category.

I don’t know why at first i wanted to play it. Maybe it looked nice enough to picked up my interest. Indeed graphics were pleasant to look at, the plot seemed cliché but that didn’t mean it would be bad.

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Jan 26
I follow my blog statistics with great interest and after a month and a half living period i want to share some of this information with you.
I have no idea if it’s great for a young blog like mine or if it’s just like crap. Let me know lol
Especially i don’t want to sound arrogant by posting those stats ! Heck no that’s not like me at all. If you feel it that way, i deeply apologize.

Also in this post i’ll reveal something i’m not very proud of … but i’m weak when it comes to cute things. I tried my best to resist, i did everything i could but in the end, they got me bad !
This a weak girl’s story beaten to death by moe !

Action :D

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Jan 23


By Katsura-chan Clothes 45 Comments »
After the huge success of the panty post, i needed to continue this lead by talking about another common piece of clothing frequently used in mangas and animes.
I’m referring to skirts of course !

As you probably noticed already but most of the time, female characters wore skirt and dress of different length and style.
I might be considered as a skirt fanatics as much as an underwear fanatics, i have no shame as i girl to say this.

Why you may ask ? Well of course because it’s cute, awesomely cute to have a pretty girl wearing a cute skirt, that float with the wind hazardously hiding a cute pink pantie with a bear on the front of it.

Is there too much cuteness on my last sentence ? Probably :D

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Jan 19
For this new review i’m going to talk of an old anime released in 2007 some of you may have heard about or even saw already.
Mononoke, is a short anime very singular by his graphics and it’s use of an element coming directly from Japanese legend and tales.

Referring to the anime name, Mononoke (Youkai) are preternatural creatures in Japanese folklore that comes in various forms and shape. You can distinguish oni (ogre), Kitsune (fox) or the snow woman (Yuki-onna).
Some possess part animals and part human features like the famous Kappa and Tengu.
Generally they have supernatural powers.

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